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While mastering technical aspects of the Bitcoin network isn't necessary for participation, having a general understanding of how both bitcoin wallets and bitcoin exchanges work can be very beneficial and ensure smooth transactions.

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To get started, most people watch our bitcoin videos to determine if they are planning to use the Bitcoin network for quick peer-to-peer global payments, cost-saving global merchant services, cheaper global remittances, a global wealth management tool, or as a global trading vehicle and speculative investment.

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Bitcoin is exciting new technology and different than anything you've experienced before. At the end of the day, bitcoin is digital cash which floats a real-time exchange rate and cash value. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and follow best practices through up-to-date industry research and analysis.

For your viewing pleasure, and to help you better understand the Bitcoin network, we have complied an extensive video gallery showcasing industry participants, startup executives, professional investors, mainstream news media, as well as academic research and user-friendly tutorials.


What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Mining

Why Bitcoin matters

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin - 2014 Documentary Trailer

The End Of Money As We Know It - 2015 Documentary Trailer

Banking On Bitcoin - 2016 Documentary Trailer

2013 - Insider Insight

2014 - Media Insight

2015 - Academic Insight

2013 - VC Insight

2014 - VC Insight

2015 - VC Insight

Xapo CEO

Coinbase C-founder

Blockchain CEO

Billionaire - Mr. Draper

Billionaire - Mr. Gates

Billionaire - Mr. Branson

The History of Money

Bitcoin Explained

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Khan Academy

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin in Five Minutes

2016 - Trust Disrupted

The Bitcoin Gospel

Bitcoin - Vice

2013 - Bitcoin Explained

2013 - Bitcoin Facts

2013 - What is Bitcoin

2015 - What is Bitcoin

2013 - Bitcoin Explained

2013 - Basics of Bitcoin

2016 - History of Virtual Currencies

2016 - The Bitcoin blockchain

2016 - The Great Disruptor

2016 - Understand the Blockchain

2016 - Blockchain Demystified

2016 - World Economic Forum

2016 - How Blockchain Works

2016 - Bitcoin Explained Simply

2016 - Proof Of Work Documentary

2014 - How Does Bitcoin Work

2015 - BBC on Bitcoin and THE Blockchain

2016 - Decrypting Bitcoin

2016 - TEDx: Blockchain Is Eating Wall Street

2016 - TEDx: Blockchain Is Changing Money

2015 - TEDx: Intro To Bitcoin

2015 - WiredUK: Bitcoin Intro

2014 - Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold

2014 - XAPO CEO: Bitcoin

2015 - Inside A Chinese Bitcoin Mine

2014 - Bloomberg: Billionaires On Board

2013 - Why Bitcoin Is Being Taken Seriously

2013 - RT: Bitcoin Steals Power

2013 - TechCrunch: Talking Bitcoin

2014 - TEDx: Bitcoin, The Organism

2013 - RT: Bitcoin Outperforms Gold

2016 - Block chain Technology

2016 - The Bitcoin Revolution

2015 - How Blockchain Could Change Finance

2016 - Bitcoin Commercial

2016 - Bitcoin or Blockchain